Electric induction motor

Meet the electrical source defects and these defects may result in electric induction motor

The electric induction motor may have defects that are electrical in origin and the result of this defect are: degradation of insulation of electric motor stator coil; imbalance of power; breaking the electric motor rotor bars; breaking short-circuit ring.

Have defects that may appear on electric induction motor classified as mechanical origin are eccentric or unbalanced rotor or broken fan.


When the electric motor is faulty, they occur because there was degradation of the stator winding insulation, power imbalance or windings in the short and slack in the electric motor of the air gap.

What is the great feature of a frequency in the vibration spectrum that is equal to twice the power frequency and amplitude is determined by the load of the electric motor.

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Electric motor combines several benefits. Meet these benefits!

The electric motor is nothing more than a machine whose primary function perform transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric motor is the most used among all types of engines, it is a machine that combines the advantages of electrical energy that are low cost, easy to be transported, cleaning and a simple command.

The electric motor is a widely used equipment because its construction is simple, its operating cost is reduced, but still is a very versatile machine and that fits the most diverse loads of all kinds and has excellent results.

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Much of the electric motors work by the interaction that occurs between the electromagnetic fields, but there are also engines that function as electromechanical phenomena that are electrostatic forces.

The electromagnetic engine works with a force that is mechanical and is across the wire that conducts electric current that is immersed in a magnetic field.

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Buy online electric motor

Many people think that the electric motor of the purchase occurs only in physical stores. It turns out that there are several stores that work with the sale of the same on the Internet, which ultimately further facilitating customers’ lives. Nowadays it is difficult to find a product that can not be purchased in the online tracking, since most companies are already present in this business.

To purchase an online electric motor reelcraft 4625 olp will require you to make a price survey to have knowledge about what companies that are offering the most affordable price for the type of engine you need. There are several types of electric motors and the price varies according to the characteristics.

The electric motor features that you intend to buy will determine the value of it. But makes up for research in several companies before making your purchase, there is one that offers a more affordable discount or a way to better pay for the product that you plan to take.

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Learn about the different electric motor models

The market has developed and it was necessary to build not only an electric motor, but several electric motors so that they could meet the market needs.

There are electric motor pulsating current, AC and DC, stepper motor, universal motor, single phase motor, linear motor, AC motor, synchronous induction motor.

The electric induction motor is simple and robust when compared to various models of electric motors that are on the market. The electric induction motor has two sets which are wound the stator and rotor assembly.

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The electric motor receives the induction motor name because it is derived from the fact that the induced currents circulating in the rotor in alternating manner currents flowing in the stator primary way.

The force that generates the electric motor of the movement comes from the combination of the currents of the stator and rotor.

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Selection and application are two important points to consider when using the electric motor

Two of the most important points to consider in the use of an electric motor are the selection and application of the electric motor. These two points are important because they involve many factors that relate to the installation, operation and maintenance.

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The selection of the electric motor for a particular application will require to be made before choosing the electric motor an analysis of the facts relevant to the application of this electric motor.

In general, there are four factors that must be analyzed before the electric motor is chosen and these points are: the electric motor power system; the characteristics where the electric motor is installed; the characteristics of the electric motor performance when it is in operation and also the characteristics of the load to be subjected to this electric motor.

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Three-phase electric motor

The three-phase electric motor is one of the most used types when it comes to complex processes. When you need to use the engine in a very simple process, indicated is the single phase model. There are several types of engines to meet the various purposes for which it may be present.

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The three-phase model is considered one of the most common. By having more power, it also has a higher price, but as mentioned, this type is one of the best and can be used in processes that require a more intensive use of this machine, so it is good to choose the most optimal model.

Like the others, this model will also make the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Three-phase motors are industry gifts because they have a better potential for this purpose. But they can be used as needed for each. There are new and used models for this.

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Electric Motor, how it works

The electric motor operation always left many people in doubt, but most do not think you understand this operation is a much simpler procedure. For those who do not know the engine is a device responsible for transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy, understanding this transformation is to understand how it works.

Today there are several types of electric motors, but most of them work by the interaction between electromagnetic fields. It is this interaction responsible for its ability to turn electrical energy into mechanical energy and it manages to use the machine in the process to be present.

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In addition to the above mentioned features, we also have some types of electric motors. The main and most common are the dc motor and the ac motor. Both have the same function, only differ in the form of internal operation. Due to the evolution of this machine is that we have so many different types and models.

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Electric motor loses weight and size over the years

Over the years, the electric motor has been significantly reduced in its size and in weight. The electric motor decreased by 4, 6, 8 and even 10 times smaller and lighter. This reduction is due the electric motor, because the materials used in the construction of the electric motor have been exchanged for insulation and also because the calculations in the engine production were improved so that the electric motor has more precise and better scaled.

The cotton was one of the components that were used in the electric motor acme, but it was sensitive when the temperature of the electric motor rising and so the cotton was changed. Now, synthetic fibers are more resistant and support rising temperatures.

The size and weight of the electric motor is also reduced, they began to be used as insulating materials. In addition to the insulating material, the electrical motor has electrical steels which can be of silicon and lead wires that may be of copper or aluminum.

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